Evan Ungar: The Jump Man


Evan Ungar is many things – a Sheridan alumni, an author, an entrepreneur and the Guinness Book of World Records holder in standing vertical box jumping. He is 25 years old and is a personal trainer from Oakville. While he was at Sheridan, he took Business Administration – Marketing, completing the program in 2011.

From a standing position, the jumper must explode from where they are standing to reach a new height on a single jump. Ungar broke the world record of 63.5 inches in June and currently holds that record at a height of an astounding 64 inches, which he set in China earlier this month.

Evan is continually working to not only set new records but to better himself while doing it. He has a book in the works and is currently working to break even more records. Here’s a look at his recipe for success and future plans.

What inspires you to break records?

“Challenging myself, challenging what’s possible and the adventure to get there.”

What kind of training are you doing to prepare for your next jump?

“Currently in a ‘deloading’ phase to recover my body and muscles, then will go back into power and strength and most likely legs 2-3 times per week.”

What was it like breaking your own record live on television in China?

“Breaking my own record live on Chinese television was an incredible feeling. I didn’t want to let anyone down and I put so much of myself into the training and so much effort so I knew in my head I had it. I knew I deserved it. Then when I did it and they announced the new height It was just euphoria. So excited and so full of adrenaline from the jumps. It was just an incredibly happy time. The crowd loved it and kept taking pictures with me after.”

When will you break the record again?

“I will be breaking two other records in the first couple months of the new year. Single leg jump and backwards jump.”

What is your book about?

“My book is called Make the Decision and its about how to set your goals and achieve them. I have accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time and for my age. People kept asking me how so I decided to write what I have learnt down and put it in a guide for others to use on their own goals.”

Why have you found success doing what you’re doing?

“The biggest reason I have found success is knowing WHY I am doing it. Putting a deep-rooted reason behind why you are doing something is the best way to success. Second is consistency, you have to work insanely hard but with that you also MUST be consistent.”

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