Cheers to painting!

Sheridan Sun went out for a few drinks and painted a picture


What comes to mind when thinking of bar activities? Pool? Darts? Conversation? But painting? Last night I attended Paint Nite, an activity that combines three great stress relievers: painting, socializing and having a drink.

Paint Nite events are held at bars and restaurants around the world where local artists give step-by-step lessons on how to replicate a painting they have created. Anyone can attend, even without an artistic background.

“An art class is an art class. Paint Nite is not an art class. It’s a fun night out, it’s something you can make your own. You have drinks and a fun time, and you really just get to experience with paint if you haven’t painted before,” says instructor and local artist Tammy Lynn. They encourage guests to socialize, be creative, and most of all have a good time. Drinking is also very acceptable, however not necessary, to have a blast.

Led by Tammy Lynn, the night began with an empty canvas and a full glass. From groups of friends, to couples, to family, there were all sorts of guests. Here’s what we would be painting:

Artist: Tammy Lynn

Beginning nervously, I began to paint while closely listening to Tammy’s instructions. Thankfully nerves were slowly erased through the encouraging words of Tammy and finishing my first drink. Stepping back to take a look at my progress, I felt a rush of pride, thinking that maybe I should have been an artist all along. Here’s where I was at:

Twenty minutes had passed and I was already having a great time. I had barely painted a sky, but was still completely captured. I needed to paint more. I needed another drink. Here’s where I was at:

It was in the next hour I was completely immersed into Paint Nite. Sights and sounds around me were gone, and all I could focus on was painting. I also still believed in my art career up to this point. Forgetting the main purpose of attending (writing an article), I missed taking pictures of a few steps:

With an awesome looking skyline and a half-decent looking CN Tower, I was ready for the final touches. It was during these final touches that my world fell apart. Accidentally blending colours, my water reflections turned into a murky purple giving my water a true Lake Ontario feel. The result:

Looking around at other guests work, I quickly realized I was no artist. Although my painting wasn’t terrible, I still could see the talent and passion others possessed for art. Slightly discouraged over my purple water, I still took away many more pros than cons. I have no background in painting, yet was able to create something I can be proud of thanks to Paint Nite, and more specifically Tammy Lynn. I had an amazing time, met new people, and tried new cocktails. What more could you ask for?

Look for events in the area!