Bustin’ into Oakville’s entertainment scene


Dave and Buster’s has moved its way into Oakville and it’s more than welcome. Starting up in the early 1980s, Dave and Busters has been entertaining and feeding customers for over 30 years. “Dave and Buster’s is a very unique entertainment facility, we have 88 of them across North America.” said general manager Brian Light in a recent press release.

This unique restaurant combines pub style foods with arcade style entertainment . . . and alcohol. Imagine Chuck E Cheese but for adults. “[It] made me feel like I was a kid again but not with root beer . . . real beer.” said first-time guest Ryan O’farrell.

Opening on Dec. 9, this is the second Dave and Buster’s to open in Canada, the first being in Vaughan.

Dave and Buster’s allows adults to embrace their inner child and let loose with various activities. You can play anything from classic ticket games like Skee Ball, to modern greats like Dance Dance Revolution. Even if you’re looking to just catch some sports, it’s a great place to grab a bite and a drink.

“Dave and Buster’s has entertainment in both the active and passive form. If I wanna relax, you can sit back and watch sports, or I can actively participate and play games” said guest Rob Mastroieni.

They are also known for their tropical cocktails and mixed drinks.

Adding more to the activity filled plaza, Dave and Busters is located in the Oakville Entertainment Centrum plaza (2021 Winston Park Dr.).

So regardless if you’re looking for an alcohol-fuelled night or just some plain old family fun, Dave and Buster’s is something worth checking out.