Student accomplishments showcased at 50th birthday event

Sheridan president Mary Preece, Ontario Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Chancellor Hazel McCallion and SSU president Sylvia Ibrahim make the first cut in birthday cake. (Photos by Samantha Russell/Sheridan Sun)


Sheridan celebrated its 50th birthday at the new Skilled Trade Centre at Davis Campus in Brampton last Tuesday, with former students and current students showcasing their projects.

Many different programs took part in the event, including Nursing students, Engineering, Computer Systems Technology and many more.

Nursing students brought a dummy to demonstrate their skills on.

“I feel very proud and that I’ve come a long way. If right now someone had an anaphylactic reaction I would know what to do. Showing people what we can do in a short period of time is amazing,” said nursing student Alice Njenga-Markham

Capstone projects created by Sheridan students. Photos by Samantha Russell/The Sheridan Sun

Former student from Computer Systems Technology Shauna Jones showcased the app she created while she was a Sheridan student.“I started my project as a capstone project at Sheridan because in order to graduate you have to build something from scratch, either with a company or by your self. I have a brother who is on the autism spectrum so that was a big push as to why I got involved,” said Jones.

Sheridan’s faculty and staff attended the event in support of the students including including Alvin Tedjo, director of government relations and Christine Szustaczek, director and corporate communications and external relations. They worked with students to give them opportunity to take part in this event.

“What we have on display here at this expo are some of the creative projects and innovative projects at our research centre of excellence and some of our different programs. It is an opportunity to showcase this to the Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor, who wanted to come to Sheridan to meet with out employees, students and faculty members and to see first hand of some of the things that happen here,” said Szustaczek.

More than  100 people attended this event, and there were guest speakers who were invited to attend in honour of Sheridan.

Sheridan’s president, Mary Preece hosted the event and set the mood for upcoming guest speakers Chancellor Hazel McCallion and Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell.  Both prepared speeches to present to the staff and students.

“The first Sheridan to open up was in 1967, with 17 programs and 32 faculty members. And now we have 23,000 full-time students and three campuses. The Brampton location is the fastest growing one with 10,000 students,” Preece said.

Sheridan Student Union President Sylvia Ibrahim was at the event to speak on behalf of students. She helped cut the cake with Preece, McCallion and Dowdeswell.

“This event was mainly for students. It was requested to meet the students of Sheridan and see what they are capable of doing. I am very grateful to the college for acknowledging us and to be in a position to meet Chancellor Hazel McCallion and Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell,” Ibrahim added.