Not a winner at Tim’s? SU’s Coffee Loft has your back

Students can trade in their losing Tim Hortons cups in exchange for a small tea or coffee. (Photo by Matthew Burditt/Sheridan Sun)


Not having luck with the annual Roll Up The Rim contest at Tim Hortons? The Coffee Loft has you covered.

Student Union’s Coffee Loft currently has a promotion where you can bring in a losing Tim’s cup and in exchange get a free small coffee or tea.

The initiative began five years ago to draw more traffic to the coffeehouses and provide more value to the students and it’s working extremely well for them.

“The initiative has brought new people who have never heard of our coffeehouses,” said Mia Fatrdla, Senior Manager of Marketing, Communications and Programming at the Sheridan Student Union. “This likely spills over to the other two operations as well, which benefits the SSU and the students all-around.”

Not only has this encouraged students to get free coffee, but it helps students by providing them with a consolation for not getting that winning cup. “We create more loyal promoters of the SSU food and beverage ops, and in turn we’re able to offer more to the student body.

The promotion will be continuing at Sheridan coffeehouses until Feb. 24.

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