Peer mentoring: students helping students


If you are looking for a part time job on campus, check out becoming a Peer Mentor at Sheridan College – and work 10 hours per week around your class schedule.

As a Peer Mentor students have the opportunity to support other students by planning events and activities, developing workshops, providing guidance and support, and connecting students to campus and community services.

Anastasia Kozachinskaya, second-year Illustration student working at International Centre as a Peer Mentor. (Photo by Renata Khuzina/ The Sheridan Sun)

“It is my responsibility to help first year and upper year students in our college,” said Anastasia Kozachinskaya, second-year Illustration student. “We play an important role during new student orientation as each Peer Mentor is required to work at orientation activities at their home campus.”

The Peer Mentor program is designed for peers to connect with their fellow students. “Applying for this position will certainly help students to develop their confidence and leadership skills through experience,” said Kozachinskaya.

Students who want to get this job must be entering their second year of study or higher in September and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

“I love that sense of reward that I get from assisting domestic and international students,” said Yumin Chen, second-year Interior Decorating student. “This job gave me an opportunity to meet lots of students with common interests.”

There are 11 mentoring positions available within the Students Affairs department:

  • Aboriginal Initiative Office
  • Accessible Learning (AL)
  • Athletics and Recreation
  • Career Centre
  • Cooperative Education
  • Counselling Services
  • Health Services
  • Library Services
  • International Centre
  • Student Advisement Centre – First Year Connections Peers (FYC)
  • Student Leadership and Engagement

With Friday as the deadline, resumes have to be completed and submitted at

“Last year I was struggling to stay on top of my course work and adapt to my first year in college, so I asked them for advice on how to succeed and they helped me a lot. Today I’m happy to be a mentor peer and make a positive impact on other students like me,” said Rachel Fand, second-year Illustration student, “And the best thing is that you don’t have to work on holidays or reading weeks.”

If you have questions about applying or if you want to learn more about the role email: