SSU partners with United Way to tackle poverty in Peel


According to United Way, more than 222,000 people are living in poverty in Peel region.

With the rise in poverty and homelessness in the area, emergency shelters are finding it difficult to accommodate many of those in need.

Peel’s population is growing quickly, but is one of the most underfunded in terms of social services, leaving many questioning when or where they will find shelter. Emergency shelter lists are growing rapidly, forcing many to face the hard truth of calling their cars “home.”

The Sheridan Student Union at HMC is hosting #TheLongestNightChallenge where members of the student union will spend the night in their cars to raise money and awareness for United Way in Peel.

“The most important objective for us is to really experience what it is like for a night so we can empathize and then share our experience with our fellow students so they can get insight on the matter,” says Enrique Ponce, Executive Vice President at HMC’s Student Union.

How can you help fix the issue of poverty in Peel?

“We are primarily getting students to help by listening to our message and by donating, although they can participate in sleeping in their cars as this is a public event, we are directly endorsing this as a Student Union event,” says Ponce.

#TheLongestNightChallenge will take place on Feb. 17 starting at 10 a.m. running through to Feb. 18.