Sheridan cuts Tourism and Global Travel program


Sheridan College recently announced plans to cut the Tourism and Global Travel program from its offerings.

“The decision to suspend the program has not come lightly,” said Rob Giberson, associate dean, Faculty of Business at Sheridan. “We have enjoyed many years as a leader in field of Tourism and Travel education. We are proud of our many outstanding graduates and industry partners.”

The main reasons for the suspension were a drop in applicants, as well as decreasing viability.

The Tourism – Global Travel section of Sheridan’s website stating that the program is no longer offered

While this is something that students may be concerned about, program coordinator Roger Halfacre explained that the students will be aided through the closure of the program. “As program coordinator, I am meeting with students one-on-one to map out their academic planning and to address any concerns or issues that they wish to discuss. I have an open-door policy and any student requesting academic advisement is being met.”

Staff job security was also addressed. Sheridan administration says that there will be no job losses due to the suspension. The Pilon School of Business (PSB) has offered professors the opportunity to teach outside of the program, as well as other program development opportunities as T&GT winds down.

“We have been, and continue to be committed to supporting our T&GT professors in their efforts to explore new program development opportunities, professional development and, in offering alternative teaching opportunities within PSB as the program ultimately winds down.”

Alannah Pontone, a 2015 graduate of the program, was saddened to hear that T&GT has been suspended, but says there are still hopes for students looking to work in the industry.

“The tourism industry will always be popular. People will always want to travel. Tourism is getting more and more expensive as the years go by, but at my job we are not seeing a drop in sales. People still want to travel. People still want to take a week off from work and relax in a sunny destination.”

Pontone also says that removing the program is a mistake, though understands what could’ve been behind it and coming to the difficult conclusion of ending the program.

Current students in the program will not be effected by the change. Sheridan will be suspending admissions to the program immediately.

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