Mind Candy – Episode 1

Kasia Henley and Hailey Montgomery host this week’s show.

  • This week we talk about U.S. President Donald Trump and his outrageous tweets.
  • Emma Watson & Vanity Fair cover shoot controversy
  • Beauty & The Beast controversy




We also have all your top news, sports and entertainment stories.


  • Latest Trump travel ban
  • Growing asylum seekers here in Canada
  • Oakville gas station robbery
  • Costco membership prices going up
  • National Oreo Cookie Day – MOS


  • Raptors
  • Toronto Maple Leafs playoff chances
  • Blue Jays
  • NHL trade news
  • Sports Doctor Story


  • iHeart Radio Music Awards
  • Switch game system
  • Sheridan events
  • Letterman speaks up
  • Logan & Box Office

Celebrating Toronto’s Birthday Today!