Because it makes you happy


Music, sports, hobbies and makeup. These are a few of the words people used to describe things that make them happy. With everything going on in today’s world it’s hard to remember things in life that make us smile.

March 20 was a day dedicated to recalling those moments, that may often seem small and forgettable. In 2016 the world went through some terrible events. The Syrian refugee crisis, Paris attacks, a shooting in Orlando, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, David Bowie’s death, Zika virus, the fire in Fort McMurray and Bastille Day terror attack – just to name a few. Thousands of people were affected by life-changing events.

Being only three months into 2017 and after everything that happened the previous year, the idea of celebrating the small things that turn our frowns upside down seems like a simple, yet fantastic idea.

Some good things from 2017 is the video of the Ontario cop dancing with the street dancer, women uniting for the walk to show that   standing together is better than standing alone. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus announced it was shutting down and the release of the new adaptation of the classic Beauty and the Beast.

Happiness is defined as “A mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.”

That is a wide spectrum of potential things to make a person happy. Activities like exercise, getting extra sleep and taking time out for yourself have all been proven to release positive endorphins to make you feel happier. 

Some students at Sheridan college explained the simple things in life that make them smile.

Selina Cole said “Music makes me happy. There’s something about it, the emotion in the lyrics. I feel better after hearing my favourite band it’s something really special.”

 This makes sense because according to recent studies and music provokes the the brain which then releases the pleasure chemical dopamine which instantly makes you happier. 

Student Liam O’Reilly said “Watching hockey makes me happy, watching sports in general offers an escape from the stress of school work.”

According to Happify, recent studies suggest that people who regularly show call themselves sports fans and have an avid love for the game have lower depression rates, less stress and higher self esteem.

Taylor Wice said “Making movies is what makes me happiest. I love being creative and working as part of a team to create something cool and entertaining.” Wice wasn’t the only student who enjoyed designing something creative to make him happier.

Candice Cartwright enjoys using makeup to create different characters. Kirsten McCutcheon just loves the feeling of being appreciated to make her happy.