Local gallery shines a light on young artists


The Red Door Gallery hosted the art group, The Canvased and The Scripted’s fifth show to showcase young artists and their talents. The event, held Friday, March 10 at the gallery in downtown Georgetown set the scene with music to welcome guests as they made their way from wall to wall, viewing the art.

The Red Door Gallery fills with art enthusiasts for The Canvased and The Scripted’s art show. (Photos by Laura Erne/Sheridan Sun)

Artists mingled throughout the crowd where anyone could approach and start discussion about their work. People could meet all 20 artists as they went around the room.

Business cards and photocopies of poems were available for free at the ticket table. Artists expressed their talents in a variety of ways: in paint, in photography and in collages. Art ranged from single pieces to a full collection and some was also for sale.

“We are all about showcasing the quieter sides of the arts,” said Jade Dalton, head of The Canvased and The Scripted art group. “There are tons of opportunities for artists in the music scene, but not a lot for poetry and visual art. We seek to remedy that.”

Within an hour, the room became full and guests started to make their way to the chairs to listen to some poetry.

Dalton explained why she set out to create a group with a sole focus on young artists.

“The inspiration for creating a young emerging artists art group was to bridge the gap between young adult and adult artists,” said Dalton. “Often artists do not receive the deserved recognition for their talents or work, well into their careers. This is due to many different reasons, one of which is financial opportunity. Showcasing in groups shoulders the burden of this and shares the wealth!”

The next show will be in the fall.

Dalton explains that joining the club is easy. All prospective members have to do is get in touch with her.

This group is for people between 17 and 30 because of the focus on youth.

Along with falling within the age bracket, Dalton says that the rest is standard. Art has to be hangable and the artist has to meet the deadlines for submitting work for each exhibit.

“We strictly stand by the ‘no isms’ concept. No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no transphobia, and anything erotic must be articulated as consensual,” said Dalton. “We try to stay away from glorifying trigger topics but we absolutely believe in discussing the abstract.”

Contact Jade Dalton for more details.