Canada and the United States show support for Children’s Hospitals Week


Medical treatments are routinely used to help children in need, and, through the Children’s Miracle Network fundraising, hospitals assist over 4900 children daily across Canada.

March 20 to March 27 is Children’s Hospitals Week aimed at honouring the hospitals, doctors, nurses, and staff who care for kids.

Children’s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization that raises awareness, hosts fundraisers, and donates funds for medical procedures and treatments to children’s hospitals in the United States and Canada.

Currently, the network raises money for 170 hospitals with 14 of those children’s hospitals located in Canada. In 2016, $378-million was raised for children’s hospitals around the world.

Photo via @CMNHospitals

One of the ways the Children’s Miracle Network is raising awareness is with the “My Miracle Child” campaign.

Participants are asked to show their support and to wear bandages with the name of a child who has previously been or is currently at a children’s hospital.

Throughout the week, a number of Facebook Live events will take place including one hosted by Nick Cannon on March 24, and the Golf Channel on March 27.

One of the more notable events that the Children’s Miracle Network hosts is the Momentum event that takes place in Orlando.

Photo via @CMNCanada

At Momentum children from across the United States and Canada, along with members of the Children’s Miracle Network, share their powerful stories.

Air Canada is the official sponsor for flights of children heading to Orlando to share their inspirational messages of strength and perserverance.

On March 20, Canadians kicked off Children’s Hospitals Week by releasing balloons across Canada to show ongoing support for the hospitals and the Children’s Miracle Network.

Photo via @CMNCanada


The goal is to ensure that the workers and volunteers that make a difference and impact the children’s lives daily are recognized for their positive efforts.