Freezin’ for a fundraiser at Davis Campus

Sheridan takes the Polar Plunge


Many came out to Sheridan’s Davis Campus to participate in the first Polar Plunge challenge to support Special Olympics Ontario.

The challenge is run by the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) to connect those in public service to its community members for a rewarding cause.

Students, faculty and community members gathered outside between the B and C wing to watch registered participants jump into a giant garbage bin full of freezing water.

The crowd cheered as each participant jumped into the water. Some tried different tricks to entertain the crowd, including a basketball dunk by one Sheridan student.

“The Polar Plunge for Special Olympics is organized by local Law Enforcement Officers across the province,” says Cody Jansma, coordinator of the Polar Plunge.

“Special Olympics is the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police ‘charity of choice’ and in Ontario alone, Law Enforcement raised almost $2 million last year. Of that, over $335,000 was raised in Polar Plunges.”

Among those sponsoring the event were Peel Regional Police, Waste-Co and Maple Lodge Farms.

Peel Regional Police will be hosting the provincial games for Special Olympics Ontario, so to contribute to the event they sent some of their own to participate.

“I know a lot of these guys love to come to these events because it differs from a normal day, and they love to contribute to a great cause,” said Peel Regional Police volunteer coordinator Martine Jackson.

“It’s great to get the community together and interact with one another.”

Students participating were required to pay a $30 registration fee, which could be waived if they raised $60 for the cause.

Faculty members were required to pay a $50 registration fee, which could be waived if they raised $100 for the course.

Dean of Accessible Learning Maria Lucido-Bezely raised over $1,700 for the cause, and participated in the plunge.

She was one of many that raised money for the event, which eventually pushed the total over $12,000.

“I love to see us students get together for a good cause,” said Sheridan student Sarah Pirotta.

“I think that Special Olympics Ontario doesn’t get enough recognition and I think Sheridan is doing a great job teaming up with the LETR to change that through this great Polar Plunge event.”

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