What Would Sal Do? Be funny

From left,  Scott Thompson, Dylan Taylor, Jennifer Dale and Ryan Macdonald. (Image courtesy of Bell Media)


Christ has risen . . . in Sudbury? That’s the premise of CraveTv’s newest show What Would Sal Do? The series revolves around Sal, a 30-year-old slacker living in his mom’s basement, who learns that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ, and with the help of his friend and family sets out to be more like his predecessor with mixed results.

Left, Vince (Ryan McDonald) and Sal (Dylan Taylor) contemplate Sal’s divinity. (Image courtesy of Bell Media)

The series was created by Andrew De Angelis whose previous writing credits include Mr.D, Little Mosque On The Prairie and Orphan Black. He has been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for best writing in a program or series for What Would Sal Do. Originally De Angelis wanted to set the show in Toronto but found Sudbury to be a better fit.
“I thought it made it even funnier if he was in a place like Sudbury, which is kind of like an underdog city,” explains De Angelis.

One of the unique aspects of the show is the theme song, “Jesus is Just Alright” performed by The Doobie Brothers, and after going through the proper channels it was licensed as the show’s theme. “We felt it was important. It spoke to the show and we wanted something that would get people’s attention,” said De Angelis.

Aside from being about the son of God, the show has experienced its own miracle. Originally set to air on Super Channel, the network filed for bankruptcy protection leaving the show without a network. It was later picked up by Bell Media and added to CraveTv.

Despite being a show about the second coming it wasn’t Jesus who intimidated De Angelis but Scott Thompson, who plays Father Luke. Andrew admitted it was intimidating at first because he was a big Kids in the Hall fan.
“In addition to being a really funny guy he’s also a really good actor, which is kind of what we were asking him to be. I mean the show’s a comedy but it’s not a comedy with jokes.”
De Angelis also cites a scene with Thompson in Episode 6 where he’s arguing with the bishop as one of his favourites.

The first season of What Would Sal Do? Is on CraveTv.

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