The Annex puts fresh angle on student life


The Annex logo

College can be a place of discovery and growth for many students. However that isn’t how college is always shown in media today. The Annex is being created to show what happens to a girl when she moves to Toronto for university. Nicole Whiffen a Ryerson RTA media student and creator of The Annex has hopes to keep the show “As diverse and true to real life as possible” 

To make the show relevant today The Annex is tackling issue of LGBTQ+ rights. Mental health, depression and it will be casting a diverse set of actors in the miniseries. The show is set to take place over eight episodes, each four minutes in length.

Whiffen has created this story with the goal in mind to “create a show that tackles real issues that the people in my life and myself deal with. I want that portrayal to be accurate.” While making the show as accurate as possible, Whiffen also wants to make sure the show is entertaining. While the show will be tackling heavier issues the show will also have a love triangle. However this love triangle isn’t just “a heterosexual love triangle with the classic white male juggling two women who fawn over him.”

This show is important for Whiffen to create because “this is an accurate show not just something a big show might do to get ratings”. Whiffen aims for her miniseries to reach a large demographic while still being relatable. However Whiffen and her team are still looking for funding.

Nicole Whiffen

The show is set for completion later this school year and is currently still in a crowd funding stage. With hopes to make $5,000 in the next two months. The team is optimistic about the goal and is confident in making the show.

While the show still needs some funding, that hasn’t stopped people from helping Whiffen in her project. One of those individuals is Leia Comenga. Comenga is a Ryerson RTA student who has been helping The Annex by helping them contact potential investors and other studios.“it’s amazing to see the energy going into this project and the message behind it, hopefully it reaches the right people in the right way.” she says

The Annex will be aired April and will be available on Youtube.