Sheridan students express themselves with fashion


Without a doubt, fashion is one of the greatest vehicles for creative expression. Sheridan, a school well known for its love of the arts, has its fair share of students who use clothing as a way to define their individuality.

For Polina Bogomazova, an Interaction Design student, her studies directly impact her choice of clothing.

Polina Bogomazova says her favourite thing about fashion is the way that it constantly changes.
Bogomazova shows off her rings while tackling her latest assignment.

“Whenever I get to be creative with my projects, I feel like I’m projecting this same creativity into my style. Even just subconsciously. Even now, I have to do a project with wood, and I’m finding myself attracted to those colours.”

She also says that fashion Inspiration can be found everywhere. “Whatever I’m interested in, whatever books I’m reading, whatever movies I’m watching, it all influences my style and image,” said Bogomazova.

Halston Malapitan has a similar opinion. The Performing Arts student describes his style as “’70s with a taste of a rebel.” He is heavily influenced by this era, and credits his mom and music as the main reason. “My mom really likes John Travolta movies. That definitely had an influence on me. Also, I listen to a lot of artists from the ‘70s, so they give me a lot of inspiration,” he said. “But I always make it my own so that I’m not a copy of them.”

Malapitan on style: “Your personality will reflect in how you dress.”
It’s all about the details.

Fashion also allows people to control the way in which they wish to be perceived. As Diana Crane explains in her 2012 book Fashion and its Social Agendas: Class, Gender and Identity in Clothing, “Clothing performs a major role in the social construction of identity.”

This statement rings true for Hope Smylie.

“It’s the way that I express myself, so if I feel comfortable with what I’m wearing, I feel better during the day and more confident talking to people,” said Smylie, a second year student in Visual Merchandising Arts. She describes her style as comfortable and classic.

Hope Smylie on fashion: “I love seeing new things coming in and out of style.”
Smylie calls her shoes “comfy and well-loved.”

“I like to always look approachable. And happy,” she added with a smile.

Holly Yoon, who is in the Bachelor of Design program, echoes her. “When people first meet you, they see how you look. Giving a good first impression is really important to me. People will always think back to that first interaction.”

The reason fashion directly influences the way you interact with others? Confidence. It all links back to that classic saying; if you look good, you feel good.

Holly Yoon shows off her coat. She says it make her feel “elegant and sophisticated.”
Yoon’s favourite part about dressing up? “The compliments!” she admits with a laugh.

Yoon describes it perfectly. “It gives me confidence! For example, heels. I love the clicking sound they make on the floor as you walk.”

She describes her style as business-casual, and says that she likes to dress in a more upscale way because it makes her look put together. Even so, she says that she still has those days where she enjoys nothing more than putting on a pair of sweatpants.

“It always depends on the day and what I feel. What I am trying to portray to the world with my style is that I can embrace wearing a variety of different things, and that no matter what I wear I am comfortable with myself.”

And what’s more powerful than that?



Yoon: “Fall! I love layering!”

Bogomazova: “Fall for sure. You have choice. It’s not too cold, it’s not too warm.”

Smylie: “Fall! I think it’s easier to dress for fall. And I love cozy things.”

Malapitan: “Fall. I like the Dark colors, the heavy clothing mixed with light clothing.”


What’s your favourite season for fashion?