Where to get haunted this month


With Halloween just a few weeks away the GTA is starting to get into the holiday spirit. If you are in the area and looking for something to do this October here’s a list of events to attend.

Halloween Haunt

With over 700 monsters running wild across 20 various haunted houses and attractions Halloween Haunt has a wide range of entertainment. Located at Wonderland amusement park and running every weekend for the month of October, Halloween Haunt aims to scare and thrill audiences with jump scares and terrifying mazes. Justin Barber, a “monster” at the event ,describes it as “ creepy with a sense of elegance.”

photo from ‘ The Haunted Walk”

The Haunted walk

Offering five different ghost-themed walks for audiences to take throughout Toronto and the surrounding area.The Haunted Walk is an in-depth family friendly tour that focuses on sharing dark secrets of the city. With promises to reveal secrets about the Hockey Hall of Fame and change your view on the city.


Featuring more then seven haunted houses, performers and a vampire bar to relax at, Screemers is located at Exhibition Place in Toronto. Screemers is an indoor haunted house focused event where audiences travel either alone or as a pair through mazes of jump scares and terrifying monsters. This event also includes carnival rides outside and a performing illusionist.

Spooky Lagoon

Take an evening tour to Toronto Island and learn about Jimmy Jones, the late unofficial mayor of the island. With the story being told through old photographs, a tour guide and a trip to Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. This family-friendly tour takes one hour and includes most of the Island and encourages you to come dressed up for the occasion.

After Dark film festival

Hosted at ScotiaBank Theatre After Dark film festival is a nine night event where classic and cult horror films are played. Featuring movies such as Chucky and A Game Of Death make this is an adult themed event. This movie event offers more than 10 films and is for the horror movie lover.

(Photo from The AGO, director Guillermo del Toro with a monster)

Legends of Horror

A self-guided two kilometre tour of Casa Loma and its dark tunnels and corridors. With over 70 actors taking on the persona of famous horror figures to immerse and scare tour goers. Legends of Horror allows everyone to explore at their own pace as they uncover the various  story hidden in within the dark passages.

At Home with Monsters

Come see famous filmmaker Guillermo del Toros( Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy) personal collection of monsters and art at the Art Gallery of Ontario. This rare look into the director’s life of monsters and art moved from his home in Los Angeles.