Brampton artist gaining attention


For many people art is a way of expressing themselves through painting, drawing and sketching. For 24-year-old Nyk Geddes of Brampton, it is simply a talent that he says came from a higher power.

Nyk Geddes signing his work At Mr. Jane and Finch’s birthday event (Photos by Ellen Rockson/Sheridan Sun)

“Someone looked at me and said if God gave you a talent I think you should use it and those very few words stuck with me,” he said.

Geddes started drawing when he was only 9 years old as way to entertain himself.

“I would get grounded for being bad in school, my parents would take all my entertainment devices from me,” he said. “But they could never take away pencil and paper from me.”

It never occurred to him that one day he could become a professional artist and potentially sell his artwork for a lot of money.

“In my earlier days, I used art as a means to get some of my dreams and thoughts on to paper, having no idea what my potential may lead up to,” he said.

Art has been a big part of his life growing up. Coming from a family of artists he was often influenced and inspired by them. His cousin was one of his biggest inspirations and mentor when it came to learning new tips on how to perfect his work.

“I lived with one of my cousins that was also an artist. He would give me a few pointers on how to improve some of my drawings and sketch lines,” he said.

Geddes draws various things but his favorite thing to draw are people. The images he creates are also usually bigger in size, so he always makes sure to focus on the details of each drawing as well.

Nyk Geddes artwork

“Generally, it takes around 10 hours to do my drawings but it depends on the specific figure or item I am drawing and its difficulty level or amount of details it would require,” he said.

His artwork has been starting to get public recognition, which has been opening more doors for him. On Saturday, he had the opportunity to showcase some of his pieces at Mr. Jane and Finch’s birthday party where people including Toronto politician Doug Ford, and other public figures attended.

Roy Virtue, a photographer at the event who has worked with top names like pop star Rihanna, was in love with his work.

“He is a talented young man and I will definitely be purchasing a beautiful piece from him,” Virtue said.

Nyk Geddes artwork

Though Geddes is not as passionate about art as he once was, he wants to continue to do it to make others happy. “I love the joy and happiness I make people feel just by seeing what I’m able to produce,” he said.

He is looking forward to a bright future and plans to do big things with it.

“I would like to see my art in galleries all over the city and for it to continue to make people smile,” he said.

Contact Geddes through his art Instagram page: arttrilogy2.0

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