Pure Boutique reveals the recipe for a successful small business


Downtown Burlington’s Pure Boutique has become a thriving brick and mortar store within five years by following some simple rules of small business practice.

Customer walking into Pure Boutique on Brant St., Burlington. (Photos by Sashenka Paatz/Sheridan Sun)

Shop owner Lori Wambolt-Borsellino has created a company that draws customers into Pure Boutique’s door by the hundreds every week. She works hard using innovative ideas and smart business methods.

Pure Boutique has evolved since its humble beginning as a small flower shop in 2012.

“The variety we provide makes us unique from other places, with our workshops but also our products like the Fusion Mineral Paint, accessories, home decor. We have everything. It’s like a one stop shop,” said Wambolt-Borsellino. “We also attract customers through social media, Facebook and Instagram. Each platform brings in a different age group.”

A variety of products displayed and sold at Pure Boutique. (Photo By Sashenka Paatz/Sheridan Sun)

Many small businesses fail without unique ways to market themselves. In 2013, there was a net decrease of 4,810 small and medium businesses providing employment in the country, according to Statistics Canada.

Innovation can look different from business to business. Small and medium businesses make up more than half of the innovative work happening in the counrty, according to Statistics Canada.

Each brand must attract their target demographic in order to channel their innovation. Pure Boutique achieves this by providing services as well as quality products.

“I love the workshops, even though I’ve never attended one, but I love the idea. They supply and enable you to do things yourself,” said Laura Bridgland, a Burlington resident who frequents Pure Boutique. “Every time I go, it gives me inspiration and helps me to be artsy.”

The boutique prides itself in a signature workshop that provides instruction on refinishing personal furniture pieces using the Fusion Mineral Paint they sell in-store.

Pure Boutique’s owner, Lori (far right), provides lunch for her workshop participants. (Photo courtesy of Pure Boutique Blog)

Aside from creative workshops, Pure Boutique sells mainly Canadian-made products because of their quality. They also go to great lengths to support local artisans.

“They were willing to support a new business. They were local and our business was interested in supporting locally, and vice versa,” said Moriah Chiang. She started her own small company with a friend at age 15 selling their products to Pure Boutique and is now a commerce student at Queen’s University.

Small businesses, such as Pure Boutique, are an asset to Canadian revenue and employment. Out of these businesses, more than 1 million provide employment for Canadians. Ontario is home to 407,175 small employer businesses, according to Statistics Canada.

Graph of the contributions made by businesses creating new employment from 2005-2015. (Graphic by Sashenka Paatz/Sheridan Sun)

Tina Buys, an employee who works at the small business, praised Pure Boutique. She described the atmosphere of the shoppe after years of experience there:

“I want to get this right, because it’s just so, so calming. And pretty too. I guess what I mean is, it’s welcoming,” said Buys.

A display of a few Pure Boutique products in the shop. (Photo by Sashenka Paatz/Sheridan Sun)

Employees at Pure Boutique value care for their customers, inviting them into a comfortable place. Small businesses thrive on a welcoming atmosphere and genuine store representatives.

“I love working with people, the customers. I just love people,” said Buys.

A small business that knows its customers’ needs and sets out to provide them is sure to succeed. The personal touch never goes amiss when customers are approached with care and a helpful attitude.

“We get so many different types of people coming into our shop that we get to help here,” said Lori Wambolt-Borsellino.

Pure Boutique is located at 389 Brant St, Burlington. For more information, visit their website at http://www.pureboutique.ca.

To contact a Pure Boutique representative, call 289-337-5169 or email info@pureboutique.ca.

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