Sheridan students stressing over holidays


Sheridan College students are preparing for the holidays as the deadline for projects and gift-buying for loved ones nears. Stress levels are higher than previous years, given the new one-week break caused by the strike in November.

Not all seems jolly in the Sheridan student body. Students are voicing their concerns about how the strike is altering plans and travel. The week-long break will be tough for some Sheridan students who are not used to the new workload and don’t have enough time to buy gifts, and balance workloads put on by professors.

“I will be going back home but I will have to take my work with me.” Kim Brooker packing for the holidays. (Photos by Dominick Nagy/Sheridan Sun)

Kim Brooker, a student in the Makeup for Media and Arts program from Mississauga, is having to spend more time studying and is spending more on gas, and is balancing last-minute shopping with projects.

She believes she didn’t receive enough time. “I think it should’ve been a bit longer. I understand we have to finish semester one and semester two got shortened but its not enough time to take a break from school.”

Other students have voiced no concern with the break and are living with the decision rather then stressing over it. Paul Williams, a Game Design student who lives in Scarborough, says “It didn’t really affect our course too much. We are pretty much on schedule.”

He explained he had no problems juggling everything including spending his time with love ones, gift shopping and work loads. Williams has it all figured out this holiday season and hopefully can continue the stress-free time during the busiest time in the holiday season.

Diana Thompson looking over her schedule.

One student has it extra tough. Diana Thompson, a Social Worker student who comes from Hamilton, says “I was suppose to be going away with my parents to Punta Cana. We had to cancel our plans.” She had to give up her vacation and has less time working on projects.

She lost her job at Tim Hortons due to uncertainty around the length of the strike. Having to commute from Hamilton is tough, having to balance work and distance. As students prep for the one-week break, all we can hope that time will be on our side this holiday season.


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