Sheridan services help students stick to New Year’s promises

The library at Trafalgar Campus provides tutoring services to students to keep them improve their studies. (Photos by David Salituro/Sheridan Sun)


As Sheridan College students enter a new year, several plan to make changes that are not often easy to keep. Fortunately the college offers several services that help turn these dreams into reality.

Resolutions are a popular way to ring in the New Year as people look for a fresh start. Sheridan students are no different. Whether it is trying to do better in their classes, or more traditional promises like trying to stay in shape, they want to make an improvement in their lives.

Dylan Hutton, a first-year Animation student, looks to get better at his work. “This year I really want to make a big step in my art, produce some good artwork,” he says. He hopes the new year is a chance to make a resolution to study and work harder. “It’s kind of a fresh beginning, a chance to start over,” he says.

Rachel Sikannon is in her third year at Sheridan, and says her promise for the New Year is simply to stay healthy and happy. “I just hope that I enjoy the new year, remain hopeful and that everything works out for the best,” she says.

Keeping these promises is more difficult to do than people realize. According to Live Science, more than 20 per cent of people break their New Year’s resolutions within a month.

Sheridan, however, wants to help students make improvements in their lives. The services they offer include an athletic centre, healthy food and class assistance.

Athletic Centre

Trafalgar Campus has stationary bikes in the Athletic Centre for students to stay in shape.

Sheridan students at Davis and Trafalgar Campuses have access to an athletic centre. The centre includes a weight room as well as cardio equipment such as rowing machines, stationary bikes and treadmills. Both campuses also offer fitness classes including yoga, Pilates, martial arts and dancing. At HMC students have a fitness centre on the second floor, as well access to the YMCA adjacent to the campus. More information is available on the athletic department’s website.

Academic Services

Struggling with your classes and hoping to make a fresh start in the new year? The Sheridan Library at all three campuses provides tutoring services for students looking for help. Tutors are available for subjects including as math, English, computer programming and business. The tutoring services are open every Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. There is also a writing centre for students who need assistance with grammar as well as conducting research for class assignments.

Healthy Food Options

Healthy snacks like freshly packed fruit salads are available at each campus cafeteria.

For the Sheridan student looking to start eating healthy in the New Year, all three campuses offer dining options to meet that goal. While the traditional foods of a busy college student such as pizza and chocolate bars are available in the school cafeteria, each campus has ensured that there are more wholesome alternatives. On the Go provides fresh fruit and salads in packages for a quick, healthy bite to eat.


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