Physiologist helps create path to a “new you”


The pressures to be healthy are starting to fall on us now more than ever.

Anthony Pereira, is a Toronto physiologist whose passion is to guide people to a healthy state of wellness. He claims he is “old enough to be wise and young enough to know that I still need to learn more.”

“I usually work with clinical focus groups and if I find a particular individual who is not sufficed with what we’re offering, then what I do is approach them and say ‘hey, I would like to take your case on personally’,” says Pereira.

On top of being a physiologist, Pereira owns A+ Smoodees. Recently, he opened a café in the LA Fitness on Brant St. in Burlington. He also runs the café at Oakville National Fitness on Iroquois Shore Rd. and others across the GTA.

“A+ Smoodees became a necessity. A lot of my patients and clients had a need for a supplement. So on weekends I basically went out and tried eight different smoothie bars and what I found is that they sacrifice nutrition for taste, or taste for nutrition. So I said, you know what, there’s nothing out there like it? I’m going to make it,” says Pereira.

But be sure not to get A+Smoodees mixed up with your regular smoothie. Smoodees are 100% natural with no preservatives and sugars, they use whole fruits and leafy veggies customized to your diet. There is also vegan, gluten free and organic friendly options.

If you’re looking for something to refuel with after a workout, then there are eight different protein shakes for you to choose from which are also customisable to your liking. Additionally, there are Hydra drinks that are great for detoxing your body and full of nutrients. Along with a number of snacks like granola bars and banana bread.

Especially during the new year, Pereira finds business to be busier than usual. “We are in the business of helping individuals who want to better their all-around wellness. The healthy mind state should be, get your body into a nice positive healthy state of greatness weather or not it comes from an nutritional or physical perspective and A+ smoodees is here to help.”

A resolution is a promise to yourself of settling a problem. Pereira believes that “appreciable consistency” is the true test to going through with a resolution. “Think about all the obligations that you have to do on a day-to-day basis weather or not it’s a job, family, or society related… When you make fitness and eating a priority it just turns into more obligations and then it carries a negative connotation,” says Pereira.

“People should be looking at healthier forms of consistency,” says Pereira.

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