The hidden gem of Downtown Burlington: John Street


Downtown Burlington is a wonderful place to discover unique businesses. Unfortunately, many of these hidden gems go unnoticed as people wander the main streets. Brant Street and Lakeshore Road are popular locations for foot traffic. However, just one street over from Brant, treasures await on John Street.

Jesse, the resident dog at In House interior design store. (Photos by Sashenka Paatz/Sheridan Sun)

In House:

A homey feeling is evoked when stepping through In House’s bold entrance. Luxury and rustic furnishings collide in effective placement around the store.

The spacious store allows customers to take in beautiful interior design displays. Staff engage to provide customers with friendly consultation and ideas.

A resident dog named “Jesse” adds a welcoming touch to the experience.


Centro Garden’s unique displays in the window.

Centro Garden:

Centro Garden may have an address on Brant Street, but the back entrance shows off the store’s outdoor garden. The location includes a simple courtyard with a well designed mock-up of a garden or patio.

The design element is pulled into the brick-and-mortar store which displays more outdoor decoration as well as indoor greenery. Succulents and air plants create a refreshing atmosphere.

Centro Garden provides tips on gardening with a library of books and workshops. Arrangements are also put together in-store for customers to witness and learn. The staff are helpful and keep a clean ship.


Serendipity Tea House filled to capacity on Sunday.

Serendipity Tea House:

Serendipity Tea House provides a calming place to enjoy a tea service. The tea house embodies a Victorian time period. Old tea tins grace the shelves on the walls along with framed china dishes and other antiques.

Customers are seated and provided with food options. The menu is on the pricey side but includes a wide variety of teas, including black, oolong, green, white and herbal teas. Tea is accompanied by a variety of finger sandwiches and treats made in-house.

Food and drink orders are displayed on quality dishes and served within five to 10 minutes. Servers are few but friendly and efficient, allowing for an enjoyable experience.

Staff member at The Bent Scoop handing out samples to customers.

The Bent Scoop:

The first edible raw cookie dough company in Canada is on John Street. The store’s appearance is not inviting due to a lack of design. However, the customer service and product speaks for itself.

The staff create a happy atmosphere and provide a wide variety of treats. The store has both gluten free and vegan options.

All the product servings, whether cookie dough, ice cream or milkshakes are small and on the more expensive side. However, they are unique and delicious.

Staff member at The Block Co., slicing cheese up for a customer.

The Block Co.: 

Walking into The Block Co. store without the pungent smell of aged dairy products makes for an inviting place to purchase a decadent slice of cheese. High-quality meats and pantry items are also served at this location.

The staff have a passion for food and share it with their customers. They are full of knowledge about their products.

Their expertise allows them to created an assortment of delectable charcuterie boards for events on or off location. The back room provides a spacious, sophisticated place for special occasions.

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