Students seek opportunity at college Job Fair


Students get information from the safe walk booth. (Photo by Devon Collins/Sheridan Sun)

Sheridan students at the Trafalgar Campus lined up last week to get their pick of on-campus jobs at the annual Job Fair.

The Sheridan Student Union (SSU) showcased jobs available to students at Trafalgar Campus on Wednesday, Jan. 28, at 11 a.m.

SSU staff and representatives from different programs on campus set up booths in the SCAET wing to offer information on what jobs are open for application and guidance on how to apply.

Visitors were encouraged to talk to the student employees about job requirements, their personal experiences in their current job, and to take information cards that provided information about job opportunities that were relevant to their interests.

“You’re looking for a job, and we have the job. Just come and join us”.

Chanelle Nibbelink, a student studying design at Sheridan, says that the Job Fair is a great place to learn about career opportunities and to make connections.

“It was very interesting and informative. I asked a lot of questions to the awareness coordinator and the vice president of the Trafalgar Campus (SSU), who had a lot of information and answered all of my questions,” says Nibbelink.

Nibbelink thinks that it is important to stay involved in the student community.

“It is important for the school to have these events to get students informed and engaged in the college community. Also, it is good to know about what options are out there in terms of future career paths,” says Nibbelink.

Nibbelink says that she attended this event because she had an interest in a position with the design team for the SSU. Although the design team did not have a booth, she was able to get information about when to apply.

Sawssan Matar, human resources manager for the SSU, says that they have 250 part-time employees who are all students. They provide jobs in customer service, safe walk, operations, security, marketing, promotional, events, executive teams, servers, cooks, baristas, and bartenders.

“It is very important that we let students know about the part-time work that we offer, and to showcase those jobs so that they can apply for them. What we promise ourselves year after year in the SSU, is to enhance the student’s skills while they are going to classes and learning,” says Matar.

Sawssan Matar, human resource manager for the SSU, left, Anders Gaten, executive vice-president of  Trafalgar Campus SSU. (Photo by  of Devon Collins/Sheridan Sun)

Matar says that the SSU has a simple method that gets the information out to students promptly.

“We make it simple, yet effective. Students will come up to the table and sign up using their email and receive small swag with mini job descriptions about the positions that we have to offer. Students can then read about them and go online to apply,” says Matar.

The Job fair will run again at Davis Campus on Jan. 23, at Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC) on Jan. 25, and also in March.

Matar says that after the successful Job Fair, the SSU has promised to continue this event annually.

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