Bachelor of Game Design: the best of the best

 Sheridan College’s honors bachelor of game design program is one of Ontario’s best Video game design programs. Four years of learning the high-quality material on everything to do with game design, what more can you ask for? Students enrolling in this program are in for a treat as they look to further themselves in what they hope is a successful game design career. Shown above is a second-year student Selina and a fourth-year student Aiden talking about their program. 


What it’s all about.

It is a four-year bachelor program that gives students the best access to all the high-end equipment that the college possesses. Not only that, they also have many professors within the gaming industry that have had many experiences and are willing to share those experiences with the students. It is considered to be one of the top gaming programs around and has the credentials to prove it. A Toronto showcase called “Level up” is where fourth-year students go to show off the final product of their games. Sheridan students never fail to sweep their competition. Many Students love the program and what it has to offer when it gets going, especially the interactive aspect. Getting to work on game designing and all the different aspects that come with it is a lot to handle, but every person in the environment loves what they do so they embrace it. Everything from math to science to art is involved when learning about game design, so it should be expected that this is no easy task. However the love of video games and the process of learning to be the best drives these students to learn everything they can.

Why would a student take the gaming program, or at very least, why would it be considered great? Selina, a second-year student says, “We have professors who have been in the industry and they care about the industry, and they care about us as people, the second you come in it’s like, your professors are in the industry, and you get so much access to these different communities and events.” Getting you involved is the main goal of this program. With many different interactive ways to contribute such as events and conventions, it helps keep students engaged while also enjoying the thing that they love most which are video games. These students all speak highly of their professors and the program itself for giving them all of these different outlets.

Who can benefit from this program? The real question is, who can’t? Everybody who decides to enroll in this program will get something out of it that they can take with them to the industry. “Getting into the groove of it,” says Adam, a fourth-year student. “Game design is just not an easy task and we get a little bit of everything”. Learning game design is no easy thing to do however the reward is far greater than others when it comes to a top gaming program. All of these students who rave about the program thought that it was one of the best they were a part of. “To come into this program about a topic you’re super passionate about, and then have hundreds of other people that are just as passionate about that and that’s a really great aspect of it.” You can see how much these students appreciate learning alongside other students who share the same interests.

. “Before I came into the program all I knew how to do was draw and had no interest in programming, so it can help people like me who had no interest or ability to learn new things.” Selina had some important things to say about the how she handled the program at first. Being afraid of not getting used to it didn’t get to her, instead, she persevered. This is not just for her, it is a message to all students that they have a great opportunity in front of them should they choose to take this program. It’s all because of the love of the game.