Trafalgar library renovations bring in more students


Trafalgar Campus library staff has noticed positive changes since summer’s renovations have wrapped up.

Kim Haney, a library reference support clerk, said that students have been amazed by the new library renovations.

“People who were here last year have been blown away by how different the library looks,” she said.

Haney also said that even first-year students have been amazed by how the library looks. “They are saying ‘Oh, this is so lovely!’ and then I ask them ‘Did you see this before? You are only seeing the after’,” she said.

Nicholas Dass, a student in the Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing) program at Trafalgar Campus, said he feels the environment is more welcoming.

“The desk area now looks more approachable,” Dass said. 

Peter Morrison, who is in the same program as Dass, said he feels the same way.

“The library feels more open and it feels more welcoming,” Morrison said.

Sheridan students Nicholas Dass and Peter Morrison try to finish their schoolwork at a table in Trafalgar Campus library (Photos by Cory Morrison/Sheridan Sun).

Madeleine Crew, an access and instructional support clerk, is pleased with how the renovations created more spaces for technology and group activities.

“There are a lot more power outlets that the students can use, so there are lots of places where they can plug in their laptops,” she said. “We have lots of collaborative tables where students can sit and work at.” 

Haney said that before the renovations took place, only the back row of the library with study carrels had power outlets. 

“We were lacking in power before,” she said.

Crew also feels that the renovations are making the library a busier place.

“I think it’s bringing a lot more people into the space, and they are really enjoying it,” she said.

Sam Cheng, a copyright coordinator, said that there have been improvements for students accessing information desk services.

“At the information desk, I think it is a better setup for facilitating interviews, references, consultations with students,” she said. “I think I am seeing that there are a lot more students coming in asking for help about what we have in print as well as online. I think it is definitely an improvement for student learning and their experience here at the college.”

Cheng is especially pleased that her consulting role with copyrighting, in particular, has been easier because of the larger spaces.

“Students come in and ask me on copyright issues related to their project,” she said. “The fact that we have better space and seatings I think is definitely better when I am meeting with students.”

Sam Cheng and Kim Haney stand together in the newly renovated Trafalgar Campus library.

Crew said that the larger spaces have ensured that activities are moving faster at the desk.

“We are set up with circulation terminals at both computers, so it is easier for us to move things along,” she said.

Crew also said that there are plans to add more student terminals.

“We will be getting some terminals where students can look up the books themselves as well, so I think that will help move the line along,” she said. “The spaces have certainly made things a lot more streamlined and faster.”

Any student who has not yet visited the library at Trafalgar Campus this year can come to see the changes in C Wing across from the Learning Commons.

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