Annivasion exhibit takes over gallery


Sheridan Animation students have taken over Trafalgar Campus’s gallery with a multimedia show of their work.

The Annivasion show, which runs until Oct. 7, features work by third-year students and according to one professor, it aims to give the community a look behind the scenes.

“It’s not just about the artwork, it’s about the processes they use to do the artwork, the kind of activities they were engaged to actually get the work done. That includes schedules, the production pipeline. Very detailed ways in which they actually produce individual pieces of that pipeline,” explained Tony Tarantini, an Animation professor.

Animation Professor Tony Tarantini. (Photos By Tatyana Sohan-Fagan/ Sheridan Sun)

Twelve animated films are playing throughout the exhibition. While going through the showcase you see the process of each creation for the 12 films playing.

The process of the exhibition took about seven months to put together said Mel Yung, an Animation student at Sheridan.

“The project starts in September and ends in April. In reality, it is a full year project, we’re all stuck with each other for a year. It allows us to really grow as professionals and work as one.”

The exhibition is preparing the third-year students for their big project next year, which will create a future opportunity for each student.

“This year they are working as a group but in the fourth year, they will be working individually to create their own films. In the Animation department we have Industry Day, 60 to 70 companies from around the world (mostly Canadian) they come to see the students’ films and if they like it there’s a chance you can get hired the next day,” said Tarantini.

Every student in third-year had to be in a group to create their films.

“We have six classes, each class is divided into two groups, generally there is about 10 to 12 students in one group depending on how big the year is.”

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