Loco for HoCo

Homecoming activities bring Sheridan students together.


A large crowd filled the Trafalgar bleachers to support the Double Blue teams this past weekend, at Sheridan Homecoming 2018.

Sheridan students from all three campuses, as well as families and friends, came together to enjoy the event hosted by the Sheridan Student Union (SSU) and the Sheridan Athletics Department.  

Homecoming (HoCo) was a lively event with a free barbeque, drinks, popcorn, caricatures, bouncy castle, games, and more. There was also a Hall of Fame ceremony honouring prominent Sheridan athletes from the past.

HoCo is not only a sports tournament, but it’s the first big event of the school year and sets the tone for the coming year.

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There are many reasons why students should attend events on campus, asides from supporting our sports teams.

Lexx Senior, a member of the SSU, says that when you involve yourself in school activities it is so easy to find friends.

“You meet so many people of different ethnicity which is awesome because you can learn so much. You are also making friends but making connections with teachers and people who run the events,” she added.  

Events like HoCo give Sheridan students the opportunity to be involved, even if you’re not on the SSU.

Sirana Huang showcasing her art skills by drawing a caricature.

Sirana Huang, is third-year Animation student at Sheridan. Huang was at HoC0 drawing caricatures of students. This gives Huang the chance to showcase her skills.

This week ends Mental Health Awareness Week in Canada, so what better way to tackle mental health, than with your school community.

Victoria Hiiuvain, a member of the SSU, has a different take on why it’s important for students to engage in school events.

She said that typically, first-year students struggle with being away from home or going into a new atmosphere. This can result in students not making friends or not getting out of their room enough.

“This can formulate depression or anxiety,” she said.

Getting out of your room, interact with people and it will change your experience, Hiiuvain added. In Hiiuvain’s situation, her mental health has improved significantly after being involved in the SSU.

At the end of the day, Hiiuvain says “it is important to represent and support Sheridan because you should be proud of where you go.”

There are several events on campus that give students the opportunity to make their experience at Sheridan a positive one.  The events range from entertaining events like Karaoke Night, to educational events like Sexy Bingo that bring awareness to safe sex.

Hiiuvain encourages students to come to the biggest pub night hosted by the SSU, the Halloween pub. This pub night also gives Sheridan students a chance to showcase their skills as the art students on campus really commit to putting together intricate costumes.

To keep up with events hosted by the SSU, follow them on social media and check out the events calendar on their website. If you live on residence, talk to your RA and they can guide you in the right direction.

If you are interested in joining the SSU to help plan events, watch their website towards the end of the year. However, Senior says that you also can apply any time during the year because sometimes they need extra help for events.

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