Trafalgar Student Union VP breaks the ice


Trying to contact student leaders can be tough, as if there’s a barrier separating the student body from its own government. A new twice a month event held at Trafalgar Campus’ Union Square lets students sit down with the SSU’s Trafalgar Vice-President, have a glass of iced tea or water, and bring their questions, concerns and feedback directly to their student leaders.

It’s called Ice-T With Your Vice-P.

“I call it more of an engagement than an event. It’s consistent and casual for the students. They need to know that I’m here and they can come talk to me about anything, even if it’s just for needing someone to talk to, because it’s also about making connections,” said Trafalgar VP Cory Haslett, as another glass of iced tea is poured in Union Square’s atrium.

Trafalgar Student Vice President Cory Haslett sharing some ice tea with Sheridan student and Awareness Coordinator Julia Bertola. (Photos by Alexander Margavio/Sheridan Sun)

The main purpose is to give students the opportunity to personally connect to their student leaders and bring their concerns or ideas to them without feeling like they must be attached to it, with a plan or idea on how to fix their concern.

There’s also a podcast produced by student leaders, also called Ice-T With Your Vice-P. The format involves a panel of Sheridan’s student leaders coming together to discuss topics they are passionate about, and relevant to what’s happening on campus.

Student leaders are interviewed about the work that comes with the job, and how others can get involved to help shape Sheridan’s student community.

The podcast is produced in collaboration with SheridanLife Radio and is released on the first of every month. October’s podcast was about balancing life, school and work, to tie into Wellness Week and midterm season. November’s podcast will be about community, apathy, and empathy aimed at encouraging others to become active community members.

“This engagement is important to me because in my past I wasn’t involved, or even comfortable in my own community. I’m still not always comfortable in the community, but I am comfortable enough o do something about it. Not everyone can, or wants to be involved, so my goal is to meet them where they are comfortable” Haslett said when asked why this is even important to them.

Ice-T With Your Vice-P is held every second and fourth Monday of each month at Trafalgar Campus’ Union Square atrium. Check out the SSU site for more details.

Trafalgar VP Cory Haslett and Events Coordinator Zubash Akmal in the Union Square atrium.
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