Illustration begins fundraising for Grad Show


From left, Jaclyn Frankum, fourth-year Illustration, Kayla Jackson, president of the Grad Council for fourth-year Illustration, Doriana Pressacco, fourth-year Illustration, Isabella Fassher, president of the Grad Council for fourth-year Illustration. (Photos by Charlotte Dracopoulos/Sheridan Sun)

Fourth-year Illustration students have started raising money for next year’s Grad Show.

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, they held a print and object sale at the Student Centre (across from the Marquee) at Trafalgar Campus from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

On sale were zines, prints, pins, keychains, and stickers that were made by fourth-year Illustration students from this and previous years.

“A lot of this stuff is from other years, so it’s kind of a culmination of Illustration’s history,” said Doriana Pressacco, a fourth-year Illustration student, who was a part of the sale.

“Some of them are from assignments, some of them are personal work,” added Pressacco.

The artworks on display covered a wide range of themes, and showed off students’ unique art styles.

“We have a lot of zines about like personal stories and lot of just really fun kind of stuff too,” said Pressacco. “So if you want something that’s more spiritually awakening we have that kind of stuff too, and then we have leisurely viewing stuff too. So we’ve got a really wide range of different products and prints here for people to pick up.”

One of the tables displaying some of the work that was on sale.

The works had been collected over the years from Illustration students and “passed down to the two presidents, which are me and Kayla,” said Isabella Fassher, who is one of the presidents of Grad Council for the fourth-year Illustration program.

“It’s really exciting to also see old work that we’ve known of people who have graduated,” said Fassher. “It’s cool to kind of like look them up and see where they are now.”

All the money raised by the print sale goes directly toward funding for the 2019 Illustration Grad Show. “It covers the rent in Toronto, and the building and just everything that we need to get our grad show set up,” said Pressacco.

“We go to Toronto and we have a big show and it’s kind of a time for people in the industry to come and see our work and to just get our names kind of out there in a way,” said Fassher.

“Our families and even each other, we can see what we’ve been working on for the whole year,” said Fassher. “We work on two theses and it’s kind of a time just to finally enjoy ourselves after the whole year.”

“I’m so proud of everyone in our year because they all work so hard,” said Fassher. “People in my year have been really inspiring to me and it’s like just really cool to also see all of them evolve as well, and to just kind of be here at this final point.”

Tuesday’s print sale had a steady stream of students and faculty come out to check out the works being sold.

Students checking out the display tables for the Illustration print sale at the Student Centre.

“It really encouraging and really nice to see that people are interested in our stuff,” said Pressacco.

Some of the prints that were being sold at the print sale.

The sale is an opportunity for the rest of the college to see what fourth-year Illustration students are up to and learn more about the program. As well as a chance for the students to network with those from other programs.

“If people have any questions, here we can talk about our program or how we do things,” said Fassher.

“Like a lot of people ask about how the laser-cuts work and a lot of people don’t know that we do stickers and stuff like that at the prints shop. So it’s just really nice to talk to people in other programs,” added Fassher.

Throughout the year the Illustration Grad Council holds sales and events to continue fundraising for their final show.

“We’ve have two more, aside from this one planned,” said Fassher, “and then we’ll also be at the Zine Zone next week.”

“We have a flea market sale, so we’re going to have like prints, and like objects and clothing and stuff like that as well,” said Fassher. The flea market sale will be held on Nov. 15.

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