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  • A Sheridan banner hung at the event. Photos by Alex Frisby/Sheridan Sun

An alternate universe full of art took over Sheridan’s Learning Commons Nov. 7. The Zine Zone was a show and sale of artwork done by fourth year Illustration students to help fund their 2018 grad show. Countless students filled the Commons to look at multiple booths full of unique pieces representing each artist’s personal style. Daniella Casas and Anissa Malthaner were two of the students displaying their artwork at a joint booth.

“Zine Zone is a great way to display our work, network with other artists, and raise money for our grad show,” Casas explained. “We are proud of our work and love to share it with other students to inspire them to share theirs as well.”

The booths feature pieces like prints, buttons, embroidery, and paintings all ranging from $5 to $50 depending on size and detail. Each piece of artwork is based on a different vision or assignment from the past semester. Jeffery Cam, another Illustration student says that while creating his artwork, the ideas just come to him.

“I explore my visual language and express it through my art,” Cam said.

One of the students visiting Cam’s booth said his artwork was excellent and weird while still being intriguing. Cam said he was there to share a piece of his mind through his display and that he was happy to be there and to network with other students hoping to put himself out there.

Adi Messinger was another student displaying her work in hopes of networking. She has hopes of her artwork being seen by more than just Sheridan students, but still loves the event and it’s opportunities.

“I’m here to show my art and interact. I love talking to people about art, and networking with other artists to learn,” Messinger explained.

The Market is the 2018 Illustration grad show. The show features the 2018 graduates along with 1,000 alumni as they honour this year’s Illustration students and their work. This is the program’s 12th graduating group, and they have once again been recognized in the Society of Illustrators New York Student Competition. These students are continuing the legacy if the grad show, and the outstanding artwork displayed in it. The students displayed this year, work on a diverse range of areas such as comics, freehand, books, games, and creative communications. Last year’s graduating class work on an iMessage Sticker Pack, The 2018 Sheridan Illustration Stickers, a free download on the AppStore.

They are continuing to make an impact on the Illustration program and the industry by exploring new ideas and ways to express creativity through art. The Zine Zone had a great turnout and was filled with students supporting the talent that exists at Trafalgar.

To see the artwork visit @sheridanillustration on instagram.

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