Textile students weave their magic


Students from the Honours Bachelor Craft and Design program showcased their hard work and creativity Nov.7 at the AA wing gallery. More than a dozen curious students and faculty came to admire the textile pieces that the students displayed.

Shayne Manosca, a second-year student, was displaying her own work at the exhibit, and came to support and appreciate her peers work as well.

Textile creation made by Shayne Manosca. (Photo by Alyssa Parkhill/Sheridan Sun)

“Most of everyone’s work here is very labour intensive. For me I know I underestimate what it takes for a piece for textile to come together. Like, I forget how much work people put in for it,” explains Manosca. “Honestly, I just see blood, sweat and tears whenever I walk around here.”

Manosca described her own style for her pieces as small and intimate. She wants people to be able to feel the effort she put into her art.

“You have to be very patient,” says Manosca. “But, the reward is worth it. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’re going to expect great things.”

So, what are textiles?

Vaneet Bains, second-year student, says this is a perfect way to teach people what textiles are really about.

Vaneet Bains stands beside her textile creation piece. (Photo by Alyssa Parkhill/Sheridan Sun)

“A lot of people don’t know what textiles are, and this is a great way of showing what they are. Everyone’s different on how they understand it. I would say textile is anything that can be printed on, that’s been handmade, and produced to an extent where it can be either manufactured, or at one point just a stand-alone piece. There’s no limit to it,” explains Bains.

The exhibit featured different styles of textile creations such as clothing, embroidery, weaving and print using a variety of different resources. Each piece of art was a representation of each student’s unique style and creativity.

According to the Sheridan website, the four-year program teaches student innovative and creative techniques and encourages students to explore different styles of textiles.

Bains says she likes to be a little different and describes her style as detail oriented and colour focused. She believes the gallery is a great way to show off all the hard work that was put into the art.

“No matter how much we go through, all the struggles and everything there’s always an amazing outcome, out of everything. All these pieces, everyone around here has made, is beautiful,” says Bains, while looking around at her peers. “Everyone has their own style, and this is where they can express themselves. And it’s a great way to have an exhibition where we can see what people do.”

The show will run until Nov. 18.


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