Another missed deadline: town gets F on construction project


Students at Sheridan’s Trafalgar Campus have been dealing with an added burden this school year.

The Oakville resurfacing asphalt program has dragged on for months along Trafalgar Road and Upper Middle, congesting a key pathway to the school. It has affected commuters and users of public transit alike.

“It has got busier now,” said Ander Barillas, who uses the shuttle bus each day to get to school. “It’s not too serious yet, but with the weather and everything, it’s going to affect everyone.”

“It’s kinda’ bad when its snowing,” said Jeffrey Odogba, who drives himself to campus. “The traffic around 4 o clock, after class is very horrible.”

Odogba parks on a lot off campus, meaning the construction affects him doubly.

“When you are walking towards the road, and the mud, it’s a dead stop. It’s just horrible.”

According to the city of Oakville website, the resurfacing program was expected to run from May to the end of October, spanning 31 kilometres within the city. The six-phase step was intended to culminate in September-October with sod restoration, which is best done in the fall months.

Students are not hopeful that the work will be done by the end of this year, and are preparing themselves for the construction to stretch into next term.

“The construction itself will be going on for a long time,” said Barillas. “ It’s going to get a lot busier at this campus.”

“They won’t finish by December, no way,” said Odogba. “The way they are working right now is really slow…because of the weather…I would think maybe February, or March…maybe closer to the summer.”

An updated schedule on the program shows that eight roads are still “in progress”, with five roads yet to be completed. Curiously, the Trafalgar road is listed as ‘completed’ on the Oakville website.


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