Burlington workshop helps participants set goals

Kicking off the new year with a clear mind


Burlington residents are feeling inspired and ready for the new year.

The Dale Carnegie Business Group hosted its Goal Setting Mastery Workshop last Tuesday. The purpose of the workshop is to help people turn their dreams into reality.

Troy Treleaven has been regional vice-president at Dale Carnegie for 25 years. He says that his time working for the company has been a life-changing experience.

“When I took the Dale Carnegie course, it was a tremendous experience in my life,” says Treleaven. “I find that the work that Carnegie has done for over 100 years really gets to the core and helps us shift something  fundamental in ourselves.”

Dale Carnegie vice-president Troy Treleaven visits Burlington for Goal Mastery Workshop. (Photos by Tamara von Estorff/Sheridan Sun)

The workshop provided tips on how to kick start your own business, become a leader in today’s society and maintain a positive and professional attitude. It also offered advice on how to apply those goals to your personal life, including health, finances, and relationships.

“It’s super easy to set goals, but not always easy to accomplish them,” says Treleaven. “Almost everyone does the New Year’s Resolution thing, but now it’s almost become a joke, and not many people take it seriously.”

Approximately 20 people attended the event. Everyone had the opportunity to meet with other participants and discuss their personal goals, values, and aspirations. Group activities were also included.

Treleaven explains goal-planning methods to Burlington workshop participants.

“The Dale Carnegie course is a great way to teach people how to execute their goals,” says Treleaven. “I know that when I’m feeling down or depressed, writing down a list of goals always helps me feel better.”

The workshop also offers advice on how to tackle stress and develop positive thinking patterns.

“Well-being is our natural state,” says Treleaven. “It’s when thinking enters it that we can either get into an excited state or we can get into a sad, depressed, anxious, angry or frustrated state,” he says. “The best way to combat that feeling is to live in the moment.”

The Dale Carnegie course is also offered through a nine-week training program that provides lessons on individual goal setting, confidence building, and teamwork. The program is offered to college and university graduates and new business owners who are looking to develop a new set of career skills. Other programs include HIP (High Impact Presentations), Leadership Training for Managers, Sales Training, and The Dale Carnegie Immersion Course.

For more information on programs and workshops, visit the Dale Carnegie website.

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