How to get a great internship


School is coming to an end in a few weeks and most students in their last year are looking for an internship! It’s one of the most common and frustrating dilemmas college students face: “ To get a good job after graduation, I need experience.” One standard solution is an internship, paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time.

Kamal Tomar is sales and marketing head with Workeefy, a site that you allows you to book at-home services instantly such as handyman, home cleaning etc. Tomar gave great advice on how to get a great internship.

Komal Tomar, sales and marketing head with Workeefy & at Save Max. (Photo From )

  1. Talk to your professors:

Your professors are one of the people who know you best. “Many professors have consulting, research and other ties to various companies, they may be aware of internship programs hosted by various organizations,” said Tomar.

  2. Network with your classmates:

“If a student you know has an internship that intrigues you, ask him/her for advice on landing a similar internship yourself, either with the same organization or somewhere else,” said Tomar. Students can work together and help each other out to be successful.

3. Use your school’s alumni network:

“Most school campuses have their career services or alumni office work hard to establish and maintain contacts with alumni working in various organizations and industries,” said Tomar. It’s good to contact some alumni from your school to check into some placements.

4. Use resources of your own family, friends and acquaintances:

“Maybe your sister’s friends company has an internship program. What is being noticed is many students don’t think to ask their family members, friends and acquaintances to help them with any career-related tasks,” explained Tomar. It’s good to ask. You never know who has any connections that could help you.

 5. Internship directory:

 “You can stop by your campus library, spend some time looking in your campus or bookstore. You can find one or more internship directories listing internship programs at organizations around Canada and the U.S.,” explained Tomar. Once you develop a list of internships then you can work with your professor to get yourself ready.

6.  Be constantly on the lookout for opportunities:

“Indeed is important but it’s not your only friend when it comes to finding internships. While an online search is always good. Sometimes it is not specific enough to help you. Try to use specific internship search sites,” said Tomar.

7. Have several people look over your resume:

“It’s shocking on how many people fail to get another opinion on their resume whether it’s because they procrastinate. Having just one counsellor, parent, or friend proofread your resume and cover letter can make a huge difference,” explained Tomar. Although resumes and cover letters styles keep changing there is no correct way to write one. Check online for tips or ask for any advice.

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