How to prepare for an interview


In interviews, your job is to convince an employer that you have the skills, knowledge and experience for the job. Convince an employer that you fit the job description, and you get that much closer to an offer. Daniela Marin, a Youth Job Specialist at the YMCA in Mississauga, runs a community program where they help teens look for jobs. She had some great tips on how to prepare for an interview

Daniela Marin, Youth Job Specialist. (Picture from YMCA.COM )

  1. Research the organization

“A great way to start is to visit the organization’s website to ensure that you understand the breadth of what they do, review the organization’s background and mission statement also read recent releases for insight on growth and stability,” said Marin. This will help you answer questions and stand out from other candidates.

2. Compare your skills to the job requirements.

“Analyze the job description, outline the knowledge, skills and abilities required and compare what the employer is seeking to your qualifications,” explained Marin.  This helps you be more prepared, determines if you are right fit before you go for the interview.

3. Prepare Responses

“Most interviews involve a combination of resume-based, behavioral and case questions,” said Marin. We encourage you to meet with us to practise telling your story in the best possible way.

4. Plan what to bring

“Bring extra copies of your resume on quality paper maybe even a notepad or professional binder and pen make sure you have a list of references just in case they ask,” explained Marin. Also you could possibly bring information you might need to complete an application and a portfolio with samples of your work if relevant.

5. Plan what to wear

Conservative business attire, such as a neutral-coloured suit and professional shoes, is best. If instructed to dress “business casual,” use good judgment. Make sure your clothes are neat and wrinkle-free,” said Marin.  Be sure that your overall appearance is neat and clean.

6. Follow Up

Many interviewers ask, “Do you have any questions?” Be prepared for that. “Bring a list, you may say in preparing for today’s meeting, I took time to jot down some questions to ask, be strategic, cover information not discussed in the interview,” explained Marin. Some questions you may ask are “What are the next steps in the hiring process?”

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