Grow some good vibes


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Grow a plant, it’ll be good for you, really.

Plus, it’s spring (sort of), so what’s a better way to celebrate the season of rebirth?

Bill Wolverton, a scientist at NASA, conducted a study in 1989 that proved that indoor plants can help purify the air. Which means that your favourite little green friend is a natural air purifier.

Although, most people’s plants aren’t grown in an ideal lab situation, nor is anyone’s house a completely sealed environment. So, it’s unlikely you achieve the same results of the experiment, unfortunately.

With that being said, there are numerous other health benefits to keeping house plants.  

A study that was published in 2015 in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that indoor plants can actually help reduce people’s stress and anxiety. Plants can make you feel happier.

Having access to green spaces can greatly contribute to people’s mental health and wellbeing.

On top of that, they can help to boost your creativity and productivity.

So, they’re pretty much the best roommates you could ever have.

They look good, are good for you and can be lovely living companions.

So, to help you add a bit more green to your home, here’s a guide on how to care for every urbanite’s favourite potted pal: the succulent.

Why a succulent?

Well, they’re generally pretty low maintenance which makes them relatively easy to care for.

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure your succulent is getting enough light. So, try to place them in a spot where they’ll get a good amount of sunlight throughout the day. Although, avoid keeping them in direct sunlight as that can scorch the plant.

Rotating it is also a good idea, especially if you start to notice your plant leaning to one side.

Also, don’t over water them or you’ll probably end up killing it.

They’re cacti, which means that they store water within themselves and go for long periods without water.

But, you know, don’t completely forget to water them, they will need some eventually.

When can you tell when it’s time to water? When soil the succulent is planted in is dry again.

It helps to have a pot that allows water to drain out of it so that the roots of the plant aren’t sitting in puddles of water.

When watering, water the soil directly and avoid getting water on the leaves because that can cause mold.

Soil can also make a big difference in keeping a healthy succulent. It’s best to either use a soil made for cacti or, if you’re into DIY, mix potting soil with sand, pumice or perlite.  

What’s pumice and perlite? Well, pumice is a porous volcanic rock and perlite is a volcanic glass that has a high water content.

Following these steps should help to keep you from murdering your succulent and you can enjoy all the benefits of having a houseplant.

So stay indoors and channel your inner green thumb.

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Charlotte Dracopoulos is a journalism student at Sheridan college. In 2016 she received a BFA in photography.