Sheridan College celebrates 50 years of sports with a photo exhibit

Fifty years of Sheridan’s sports history is on display at the Trafalgar campus library. The photographs were pulled from past issues of the Sheridan Sun newspaper.

This past summer, a group of journalism students uncovered the Bruins’ Athletics highlights, selecting 16 photos showcasing the best moments in sports from the past.

Bruins bulldoze last-place Cambrian Golden Shield 99-47
February 6, 2014 (Front page photo)
Photo caption: Michael Selkridge delivers a jaw-dropping dunk over Cambrian’s defence during Saturday’s game.

A big crowd was on hand for the opening of the exhibit to discuss the importance of each photo, and their memories of the sports teams. Former athletes, students, teachers and current faculty of Sheridan attended.

Sheridan community gathering around the exhibit

Steve Ackroyd, a former well-known football player at Sheridan, says the photo gallery brings back great memories.

“It feels terrific. It’s great that you’re able to keep those memories alive and look back at it.”

Steve Ackroyd, number 33 pictured in front of his own photo from 1976

Nick Snow, the project coordinator of the exhibit, said that these photos were chosen to help embody what sports have meant to Sheridan:

“Sheridan has lost and gained sports over the years and remembering those sports and more importantly who played and built our school’s legacy is important. Football was a huge part of our school as well as hockey, losing them really changed the school and we really took it upon ourselves to help people remember and cherish the past.”

Bruins conquer the Mountaineers 20-12
September 24, 2013
Photo caption: The Women’s rugby team conquers the Mountaineers by 8 points!

Patricia Blundy, a former sports administrator here at Sheridan, says that this gallery in the library is a way of not only sharing the history of the school, but how it feels to be a part of a family.

 “I’ve worked here for 36 years . . . there were obviously many student athletes I came in contact with . . . I was responsible for their program and working with their coaching staff and in those situations, you get really close with the students. You’re out supporting them and celebrating their successes.”

Patricia Blundy signing the guest book for Sheridan College

If you’d like to see more images from the present and the past, visit the Sheridan College Trafalgar library. Here’s to 50 more years of more sportsmanship.  

Loose defence key to a loss in Erie doubleheader
November 25, 1971
Photo caption: Caught in the act! Grantg Bennett, Bruin defenceman, hooks Seneca Braves’ Doug Menard (21) as he pursues the puck in front of Sheridan goal-tender Ross Barkwell. Bruin’s Tom Daley (16) looks on. Bennett received a penalty on the play.