Gould gains second term

Karina Gould is re-elected as Liberals win in Burlington riding.

Noah Gould (L) and Karina Gould (R) address supporters and local residents at Emma’s Backporch Pub on election night (Paola Floro)

Karina Gould celebrated her re-election as Burlington’s Liberal Member of Parliament at Emma’s Backporch Pub on election night.

The ultimate outcome of the Federal election resulted in a Liberal minority government, however the riding in Burlington saw residents vote overwhelmingly Liberal.

“If I want to be their representative, I need to hear what matters to them and make sure that I am being their voice in Ottawa, not Ottawa’s voice in Burlington,” said the 32 year old when asked about why it was important for her to go out and engage one on one with her constituents during the campaign.

The Liberal candidate had a strong campaign run using door to door canvassing as a strategy in reaching out to constituents in hopes of garnering votes. Gould’s team hosted multiple canvassing sessions every day from 2pm to 4pm.

Gould poses for a picture with volunteers and family members at her victory party at Emma’s Backporch (Paola Floro)

In the 2015 election, Karina Gould beat out Conservative Mike Wallace after his third term. This year, Gould received 48.82 percent of the vote compared to Conservative candidate Jane Michael who received 33.7 percent of the vote.



Data Source: CBC News

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