The cheapest and fastest way to repair your laptop

Laptops are indispensable for students, but what if you break your laptop and you have an assignment due tomorrow? What can you do? 

MacBook Pro with broken screen

If you are a mobile student, Sheridan allows you to borrow a Mac or PC for emergency usage. According to the IT website, you must have your student card to borrow the laptop and return it in seven days. You can split the seven days into multiple occurrences but you can not exceed 7 days in total per semester. To loan a laptop see the IT Service Desk counter in C-wing.

IT service desk in C-wing

If you have a Mac you can get help right at Sheridan. Mac Tech is located in C153 and can help with Apple hardware, Apple software, and other technologies.

One of its technologists, Chris Bonthron, said, “Our Mac Tech office is an Apple Authorized Repair Centre that is certified to repair all current and Apple supported Macintosh models. This means the we can do warranty repairs at no charge on most Macs that are currently covered by a valid AppleCare warranty. We are also happy to look free of charge at any model of Mac brought in by a student or employee, even if it’s out of warranty.”

Mac Tech office

Bonthron also described some other services offered by Mac Tech:

  • Recovering data from a failed hard drive and restore it to a new drive in the users computer.
  • Mitigating liquid spills on portable Macs.
  • Assisting with difficult and problematic software installs.
  • Consulting, determining, and recommending the best model and configuration for people looking to purchase a new Mac.

If have to borrow a laptop from school, what is the cheapest and fastest way to fix your own laptop?

For example, if you have the newest MacBook Pro 15 inches and you break the laptop screen the maintenance costs are below:

The repair fee is an estimated cost.

According to staff from the Apple store and Geek Squad, the repair time of both repair providers are the same. Both companies have to check the condition of your laptop first and then give you the repair price. The main difference is the insurance discount. Geek Squad’s insurance discount is less than apple care. Apple store staff Paul said, “If you bought apple care plus for your laptop it will save a lot of money for you.”

Insurance Fees

All informations come from Apple website and Geek squad website.

For Geek Squad membership, you can cancel anytime you want. “The membership must longer than 14 business days to cancel it,” said Arthur a Geek Squad employee.

You can only purchase Apple care plus once for your laptop and it only lasts three years.

Another tip, if you purchase your laptop with a credit card, you can try to contact them to see if they have insurance to cover your laptop.


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