Q&A with Sheridan Bruin Sydney Charvis

Sydney Charvis was named an OCAA All-Star back in 2018, along with one of her teammates, Theresa Brown. This month, her team has had outstanding results, winning four games. I sat down and asked Sydney a few questions about basketball.

Sydney Charvis on her feet at a Sheridan Bruins’ basketball game

What are the pros of being a college basketball player?

“You learn a lot of team leadership skills and you learn from others as well.”

What are the disadvantages of being a college basketball player?

“You have to be able to manage school and basketball. It’s hard to balance those two out. Once you find the time, then you’ll be good to go.”

What are some things you want to improve?

“Definitely communication with my teammates. You have to talk on the court with one another. Being a point guard, you’re literally a quarterback of the team. You see everything. I want them to trust me as being their point guard.”

What are some things that you’re most proud of your team for?

“We’re a union and we’re a sisterhood. We win together, we lose together, we cry together and smile together. There is not one person left out. The whole team is a union and that is how it’s supposed to be.”

What are you most proud of about yourself?

“Just growth. From last year to this year, I’ve really matured. Especially with my game. Basketball made me mature into the woman I want to be in the future.”

What goals have you accomplished so far?

“Last year, I had a goal of being first-team all-star and going to OC’s (OCAA’S) because we hadn’t done that when it was my first year here. A team goal was to win more than 10 games and we did win 10 games. Last year, too.”

You can see Sydney Charvis and her team in action on the court. If you’re interested in going to a game, hop on to the Sheridan Bruins website for more information.