Inside the “Art-Hive” at Sheridan

There was a buzz of activity at Trafalgar campus for the annual Sheridan Art-Hive. What is an Art-Hive? It’s a place for students, professors and faculty to socialize, create, share skills and their artistic experience. There are plenty of different activities, from button making to needle felting, something to get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

Sheridan student Erin De Jong said, “I love taking time from my day. It allows me to take my mind off other priorities and just having a space where you can be creative and let your mind relax and go places.” The Art-Hive is also a great social gathering for students who are more introverted. De Jong said, “It’s always fun meeting and talking to new people from different programs. It’s a great way to socialize with people who you never would’ve met before.”

Pins made at the Art-Hive

It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw, the Art-Hive welcomes everyone of all ages and backgrounds to take part in this fun creative experience. Susan Beniston, founder of Art-Hives Sheridan said, “Sheridan has a very high standard when it comes to art. We want our focus more just to be on the artist and give them the opportunity to create a piece of work that they are proud of.”

Sheridan student using different materials at the Art-Hive

The Art-Hive is nothing new to Sheridan. The event has evolved through two decades of practiced research, continuous observation and experimentation to produce a welcoming community and judgement free zone for every artist.

Beniston said, “It’s really about building community. It’s an opportunity to destress with the process of creating and as way of connecting with others…Art just has a way of bringing people together.”