Ford slams Teachers’ Unions but says there is still a chance for agreement

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is accusing Ontario Teachers’ Union Leaders of “bad leadership.” Ford made the comments at Queen’s Park today and also said the ongoing rotating strikes by the province’s teachers are bad for the economy.

Ford also said his Government won’t give in to demands for increased compensation, but added that an agreement can still be made with the teachers’ unions to avoid a full-blown strike. 

Union Leaders say they are fighting new changes introduced by Ford’s Government such as increased class sizes and mandatory e-learning courses.

On Wednesday, the Ford Government announced it would financially compensate parents affected by the strikes.

The Ministry of Education announced the province would be offering up to $60 a day per child to parents whose children would be affected by the school closures.

More than 33,000 people have applied for compensation. If all the Teachers’ Unions were to strike at the same time, more than one million children would be eligible for a subsidy.

Source: CBC, The Canadian Press, Photo courtesy the Toronto Sun