Bald and beautiful

Hair loss is something that is tough for some men to endure. It can cause self-esteem issues and anxiety when establishing relationships with others – whether it is a new friendship or a potential partner.

Twenty-five per cent of men who are directly impacted by baldness start to see the signs of hair loss before the age of 21.

When I was 17 years old, I was in grade 12. My life was changing.

I had a lot of friends – some old and some new. I was looking into colleges and working my way towards getting a diploma. I joined my high school’s hockey team as an assistant manager. After that, graduation came. I got a certificate.

As summer rolled around, I decided to change my looks. I started to work out more and build more muscle. That’s when my family noticed other changes on the top of my head. That’s right, my hair was starting to thin.

I was in Portugal on vacation with my aunt and sister. We went to the beach. My aunt noticed I was going bald. I did not believe her.

A month later, I went back to high school to get the credits I needed to get my diploma. When I first returned to school, some of my friends noticed that my hair was thinning. It made me feel self-conscious.

In September of 2014, I went for surgery on my leg to extend my hamstring muscle. I stayed in rehab at Holland Bloorview. I started noticing the hair loss a little, too.

But I figured that it was from the medication I was taking after I left rehab. I started to stress more. That made my hair loss even worse. My sister kept making fun of me. She did not help – even if it was just a friendly jab.

2015 when my hair started to thin

In the summer of 2015, my mom decided to see if there was anything out there that could help. I was 18 and my hair looked like a wig blowing over in the wind.

My mom and dad saw a commercial on the TV about a hair care outlet. It had a four-step process on how to regrow your hair. All the reviews I looked at were favourable.

Before and after pictures with the hair product

So, I went on the hair product system for about a year. At first, I saw results. My hair grew thicker and that gave me hope.

When I went to college in 2016, I did not bring the hair products with me. I figured my roommate would I think I was weird. But as my stress returned. My hair started to thin again. This time, it got worse.

Once that school year ended, I shaved my head. At first, it was weird being a 20-year-old with no hair because you don’t know how people will react. I thought: “People would treat me differently? I wondered how this would affect my chances with girls? And would people make fun of me?”

I posted a picture of yours truly bald. My friends made jokes about it. But it was in a fun way and that made me feel better. Eventually, I let my hair grow back but it did not look good. Ever since, I have been bald, and I love it because it makes things easier for me.

First picture I took with a shaved head

I also gained confidence. I wanted to find what razor blades would be good for head shaving I came across a Youtube channel called “Bald café” and I was interested.

Harry James – Photo Credits via Instagram

Bald Café is run by Harry James. He is from the UK and he interviews men who are losing their hair at young ages to share their stories.

I recently interviewed Harry via Skype and he told me his story.

“My hair was probably starting to fall out very slowly at 14 at a slow rate. I heard someone say by the time you really notice it 50% has already fallen out,” he said.

I asked Harry how he got his confidence back. “I get a lot of my confidence now from helping people. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true,” he said.

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Harry told me why he started Bald Café. “It’s made me more confident. It’s given me a real purpose. It’s given me real drive. I just love to do it. I love interacting with people. It’s really like given me a lot of faith in humanity,” he said.

The most important thing for men who are going through hair loss is to remember that being bald is beautiful.

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