Networking can get you a job

The panelists at Taste of Ent event networking with students and attendees.

With advancing technology and changing industrial demands, it is becoming difficult for university and college graduates to acquire relevant jobs with just a degree in hand. 

According to a 2019 Ontario Ministry of College and Universities report, 68 per cent of college graduates find jobs within six months of their course completion. However, only 41 per cent of those graduates find jobs in their relevant fields. 

Although satisfactory, the employment rate for recent graduates is not impressive. To provide better opportunities, the university and college unions have been constantly making efforts in encouraging students to engage in networking events. 

Ryerson Entrepreneurship Association, a part of the Ryerson Student Union, organized a networking event called Taste of Ent on February 5. The event invited four entrepreneurs from the food and beverage industry to share their insights on building their own companies.

The REA event was organized off-campus, at Love Child Social House, Toronto

With over 130 attendees, the venue– booked off the university campus– was bustling with people exchanging ideas and contact details.  

Sean Castelino, president of the Ryerson Entrepreneurship Association, says, “These kinds of networking events help students in meeting the relevant members of the industry”, adding that a number of students have managed to build important contacts and were able to find relevant jobs.

REA president Sean Castelino moderating a panel of entrepreneurs- Timothy Keenleyside, Elle Yang, Ainsley Moir, John Lettieri (left to right)

According to an Economist Intelligence Unit report, 78 per cent start-ups in 2016 performed better due to their active involvement in networking events.

Danny Connelly, senior manager for events at Sheridan College, says, “We have hosted flagship events that have helped students in being industry ready in the past years”, adding that the Sheridan Student Union is looking forward to organise at least 40 events in all three campuses for the upcoming academic year. 

While talking to the Sheridan Sun, Connelly also mentioned the new venue which is being set up on the Mississauga campus. It would serve as a multi-purpose hall. He added that the new venue would encourage clubs to organize more service-related events.

Networking plays a key role in acquiring the desired jobs and positions in the present industry, no matter which job profile you plan to pursue. Along with skills and education, one should also be able to market those skills at the right place and the right time… and networking events are the best place to find something worthwhile.

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