What are the food options around Sheridan?

With so many food options around Sheridan College like Burger King, Tim Hortons, The Marquee and Monaghan’s is there anything around that provides a cheaper and healthier option?  

Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus is following the success of the Davis Campus and has opened up its very first Booster Juice. As well a new salad machine known as Sally.

Sally is a $30,000 robot that acts like a vending machine, serving up salads.

It provides plenty of options that you are looking for whether you want a Garden salad or even Chopped salad with all of your toppings shredded such as the lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and more.

So far Sally has left people very impressed, including myself. I spoke to one gentleman who chose not to share his name, but says the machine is very cool and he has never seen one before, he was even taking pictures of Sally because of how interesting the machine was, prices for all the salads are affordable for only $7.49.

Sally machine in the food court at the Trafalgar Campus

On September 9th, 2019 Sheridan College opened up it’s very first Booster Juice as it replaced Sheridan’s popular Burrito Bar. This did not sit well for some students, but others would disagree. Sheridan student Jacob Calvert he is happy the school added in Booster Juice. “All food places here are mainly fast food, so apart from those it’s only Subway and Booster Juice are the only healthy place open year-round,” he says.

 Senior Manager of Operations and Hospitality Daniel Casey says “The idea was to replicate what the Brampton campus is doing. Booster Juice was no-brainer since its successful at the Davis Campus. The Mississauga campus is the next to get a Booster Juice after years of discussions. The Trafalgar campus is the first to have a food model. If successful the food model will be available at the other campuses,” he says.

Other options for students if they are looking for healthy eating is right across the street from them at the newly renovated Rabba.

There are plenty of options to choose from, from fresh cold cuts to snacks and its frozen aisle the students surely won’t be going hungry.

Rabba manager Billy Sleeman says, “Students need food to eat, and I need to prepare for them, they don’t have time to cook, so I’ll cook for them,” he says.

With students usually paying from $15-$20.

But for some students that’s still expensive to them. Sheridan student Corey Cushinan says “we’re college students we have very little budget to spare and over charging that much for a small sandwich is ridiculous” he says.

The price may be ridiculous but that won’t stop hungry college students from going to Rabba and buying food.

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