How has COVID-19 affected sports?

It’s been two weeks since we have seen live sports.

The fade to black began when Rudy Goubert, the star player of the Utah Jazz, tested positive for coronavirus. That night, the NBA decided to postpone the remainder of the season until further notice.

The NHL quickly followed suit, as did every other sports league in North America.

The last photo I took at a major sporting event between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs

The absence of televised sport has made it clear that it plays a major role in our culture since it brings many people together, despite what may be going on in society. 

As a sports fan, it has been hard to adjust without it because sports has always been in my life and it has become a part of my routine. To fill the void, I have been watching old Toronto Maple Leafs games on YouTube. But that makes me miss the game even more. 

Smiling at the fact the Leafs probably won this game in 2017

My girlfriend and I are big Blue Jays fans and we had tickets to go to this Saturday’s game against the Red Sox. As the day gets closer, it is evident that we will not be attending the game due to these unfortunate circumstances. 

My girlfriend Eliza and I at the Jays game in 2018

Blayne Hutchison has a lot of free time in his life these days. “I feel like I have so much free time because usually when I would get home from work, I would eat dinner then watch sports,” he said.

Like me, Blayne has tried to make the best of being in quarantine, but it is hard. “I would usually watch soccer during the day but, since that is done, I am bored all the time. There is only so much TV and video games you can play,” he said. 

Blayne inside the San Francisco Giants dugout on his trip to San Fran in 2018

As COVID-19 crisis goes on, we see how much we relied on sports in our lives. “I never realized how much I relied on sports to get me through a day before this all happened and it sucks,” he said.

Blayne at game 6 of the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs

For athletes, it has been hard to stay motivated and continue a consistent routine since the pandemic exploded.

Jacob Calvert plays sledge hockey and works out a lot to stay in game shape. 

Jacob met Maple Leafs defencemen Travis Dermott

“It has been hard because gyms are closed and my hockey league has been canceled. So, there is nothing to do besides staying inside,” he said.

The only thing that we can do as sports fans is wait. It will be tough but, in the end, this will be worth it. This time will allow for people and players to get healthy and do what they do best — entertaining us with their natural talent.  

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