What makes Hand Sanitizer Recalls Different


A recall has been issued on hand sanitizer sold at Dollarama’s across Canada. Health Canada issued the recall after discovering a counterfeit version of one of their sanitizers was made and sold. The product under recall is the “Daily Shield Sanitizer”. Government officials say the sanitizer is legal for sale across Canada but not the counterfeit version. 

Health Canada is warning consumers that the product is not effective at killing bacteria and viruses. 

Officials also state that the product may pose serious health risks due to the label not including all the ingredients in the solution because of the use of methanol.  The effects of methanol include poisoning, confusion, headaches and in severe cases, death. 

If you are unsure that you have purchased a counterfeit, this is how you can tell:

The counterfeit product is labelled under NPN 80098979, Lot 6942; Expiry May 2023. It is sold in a 250ml format and uses deep blue and dark red colours on the label.

Counterfeit Daily Shield Hand Sanitizer - Recalls and safety alerts
Counterfeit Daily Shield, Government of Canada

The real product has bright red and blue labels and only comes in 236 milliliter or 1 litre bottles. 

Health Canada urges customers that have purchased this product to immediately stop using it and contact their nearest health-care practitioner if they feel concerned about their health. 

Health Canada also released a list of usable sanitizers for widespread use, and urges Canadians to continue hand washing and following all rules and guidelines to help stop the spread of Covid-19. 

Hand Sanitizer Platinum Daily Shield 1L Pump | Walmart Canada
Daily Shield Real-Product, Walmart