Sheridan Bruins Has a Challenge for You


The Sheridan Bruins are encouraging students to participate in a 30-day challenge to help them stay motivated and moving. 

The 30-day challenge consists of 3 straight days of intense workouts followed by a rest day.

The challenge was created by the athletics and recreation department and does not have a particular start date, making any day your day one. 

Photo courtesy of Sheridan Bruins Facebook.

We spoke with the Marketing & Information Coordinator for the Sheridan Bruins Athletics & Recreation department Caitlin Martin-Terry on why the challenge was created.

“It’s difficult in a time like these to maintain a home fitness routine, not to mention keeping yourself motivated and accountable. The challenge motivates you and keeps you accountable by submitting your videos to us and seeing your colleagues doing their daily challenge”.

Caitlin Martin-Terry

To be featured, you can post your work out picture to Instagram and use the hashtags #doubleblueproject #30daychallenge #skybluetuesday and tag them in your post. 

The Bruins are actively posting new trips and tricks to help others stay healthy and post on upcoming events. 

If thinking about a workout routine overwhelms you and you don’t know where to start Martin-Terry says,

“Start by trying the challenge, or joining a free group fitness class, then you will be able to meet virtually other people in the class and create your own community to help motivate you and keep you accountable. Motivation & accountability is always easier when you are not alone doing it”

Remember it is important to fuel your body with healthy food options alongside being physically active, so after you have completed your days workout treat yourself to one of these healthy food options. 

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