How To Get Your Car Ready For The Winter


You may be starting to get yourself ready for the snow on its way, but what about your car?

Winter tires are much more effective in the snow than all-season tires. (Hossein Soltanloo/Unsplash)

Get your vehicle winter-ready by getting a maintenance check-up at the beginning of the season. Due to weather your car battery, breaks and wipers could act up and not work well with the cold weather approaching. Getting a quick check-up at a local mechanic shop could prevent you from getting into an accident in the future.

Winter tires and an emergency pack could be a lifesaver this winter season. 

Paul Gillingham has been a mechanic for 22 years. He has his own mechanic shop call Gillingham Automotive Repair. 

“People should take it [their car] to their automotive technician and get all their fluids checked, the strength of their coolant check, and a general check over. As well as get snow tires. This is called a winterization package,” said Gillingham

Winter tires are very important to have during the winter. The tires are made of a rubber compound that is more flexible and less stiff in the cold. Winter tires have great traction even at -30 degrees Celsius. 

“Winter tires are much more superior than all-season tires on all platforms. The rubber composite is much more superior than the rubber on all-season tires,” said Gillingham.

It only takes winter tires 6.4 meters to stop on an icy road. You need to have a complete set of four winter tires, not just one or two tires. You could also get a discount on your insurance when you use winter tires.  One thing you cannot forget to do is check your tire pressure regularly, cold can reduce pressure.



Another thing you cannot forget about this winter is your e-brake.

“Do not neglect service on your e-brake. People neglect their e-brake and when they need it, it’s seized or it breaks,” said Gillingham.

Having a winter season survival kit in your vehicle with essential supplies in your car can provide comfort and safety if ever needed.

The Government of Ontario recommends having a survival kit in your car with essential supplies. Such as a first aid kit, blanket, candles, lighter, cat litter or other traction aid, booster cables and more. Check out Ontario’s winter driving brochure winter driving brochure for more information.

If your car ever gets stuck in a snowbank pull out the cat litter from your season survival kit. Your tires will have the extra traction it needs to get out of its slippery situation. Get your car prepared for the winter by having a seasonal survival kit.

The Auto Guardian Car Survival Kit (Survival Frog)

When driving in the winter there are many factors that put drivers at a higher risk of getting injured. By making sure to clear snow and ice from lights, windows, and roof of your car could save someone from losing control of their car if snow blows onto their windshield.

The winter weather can be unpredictable, but your car does not need to be. Follow the directions from experts and respect other drivers on the road. Give yourself extra time in the winter and be prepared for any situation that could occur when driving.